• Shandhani Shangstha
  • Shandhani Shangstha
  • Shandhani Shangstha

Main Objective

To Develop the Education ,Health and Social status of all people of the community.


Population will attain such an Education and Health System so that it will assist them to conduct producing life leading..


(a) Providing of preventive and curative medical services to a defined population through long lasting program basis;

(b) to create educated citizen by providing theoretical and practical education for students with the idea of punctuality, efforts and high ambition.

Legal Status

Social Service Department : Kushtia 114/92, Date :15-Feb-1992

N.G.O Bureau : FD(V.A) 796, Date : 29-Dec-1993

Juba Unnoyan Department : JUA-67/2009, Date: 12-Jul-2009