Executive director of Shandhani Shangstha , Gangni, Meherpur, Bangladesh & President of Bangladesh TO TE WO Tsunagu Kai, Fukuoka, Japan


Shandhani Shangstha is a non-profitable and non-Government voluntary organization. The organization is situated at the frontier village of Karamdi under Gangni upazilla in the district of Meherpur. The organization is founded in the initiative taken by local personality and Principal of Codo International College, 557, Tashirohokamachi, Tosu, Saga, Japan Prof Dr. Md. Mokhlesur Rahman (at present living in Japan) on the 18th June 1989.

Professor Dr. Md. Mokhlesur Rahman launched the journey of Shandhani Shangstha in 1987 through making a primary school at Karamdi Purbopara during his completing Ph.D. The organization has been playing a vital role in the field of offering scholarship to the poor & meritorious students since 1990 primarily, imparting a type of training to make the unemployed educated youth self- sufficient, empowerment of women, and offering vocational & sewing training to make them self- employed. The organizations became registered in 1992. It started its journey to ensure the treatment of local people and founded a hospital & community-based mother & child activities in 1995. Such kind of  welfare activities are being assisted by an organization of Bangladesh To Te Wo Tsunagu Kai, Fukuoka, Japan, Established in 1999 by the assistance of Yume Miru Kodomo Kikin, Fukuoka, Japan, so that it is able to upgrade the quantitative standard of education and to spread education in local arena by the assistance of Matsue Uji Fukuoka, Japan, Nutrition & Rehabilitation Program was launched in 2002 to eradicate financial crisis of the poor & meritorious students to provide nutrition. Later on Onnesha Biddaniketon was changed into Shandhani School & College. In 2005 the organization started another income generating program named Beef fattening project. Local Governance project was launched on first November 2006 as the member of Governance coalition partner by the assistance of H.R.G Danida. The work of voter and civic education and observation of nine Parliament election project began Bangladesh N.G.O Foundation, reproductive health, mother & child health training regarding nutrition and sanitation program was launched from April 2009 through Bangladesh ToTe Wo Tsunagu Kai, Fukuoka, Japan, by the assistance of Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA). In order to provide comprehensive information to the general people of remote area who are deprived of computer, internet, newspaper, electronic media and TV channels etc. facilities at the village level, the information center of the organization was established in the own effort of Shandhani Shangstha in the year 2010. Poverty Alleviation project activities were started from April 2011 for the socio-economic development of the under privileged people assisted by JICF (Japan International Cooperation Foundation). The construction work of new building of Karamdi Purbopara Govt. Primary School was started in 2012 and ended on March 2014 financed by Japan International Cooperation Foundation to gear up quality education of Karamdi Purbopara Govt. Primary School and the construction of Shandhani Nursing Institute was started in 2012 financed by Bangladesh To Te Wo Tsunagu Kai, Fukuoka, Japan. Shandhani Nursing Institute has started three year Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery course from academic year 2016-2017.